The following URL will allow you to request tax and shipping calculation for an order (or orders) by POSTing order data in the same format as with placing an order :

Orders must follow the order schema specification. Multiple orders may be placed by enclosing them in <order_list> </order_list> tags. See order semantics for details on services.

The following variables should be posted :

clientYour Logistech client code
profileYour profile number for XML orders
ordersThe XML describing the order(s)

The tax and shipping calculation process will return an XML document either containing an <error> or an <ts_charge_list> element as the root. The <ts_charge_list> element will contain either errors, or a <ts_charge> element corresponding to each order element passed in.

The schema for a <ts_charge> element is as follows :
    <tax_charge>tax charge</tax_charge>
    <shipping_charge>shipping charge</shipping_charge>
    <handling_charge>handling charge</handling_charge>
All charges returned will be numeric values.


If you gave the same example order given in the place orders document, you would get the following results :
  <?xml version="1.0"?>