It is now possible to change the status of an order in certain situations using the XML interface. If an order is currently on HOLD or BACKHOLD, it may be released by updating its status to OPEN. Conversely, an OPEN order may be placed on HOLD. If an order has any other status, it cannot be changed through XML.

To update the status of an order, use the following URL :

Where client_code is your Logistech client code (given to you by your CSR), new_status is the status the orders should be updated to OPEN or HOLD, and order_id is the order id (or comma separated list of order ids) to be updated.

Upon success, an XML document containing the new status or an error element for each order in the list will be returned. The list will be enclosed in a <status_list> element. Within the <status_list> element will be <order_status> elements, containing the order id in question and either a <status> element or an <error> element for each order id given.


The following example shows the process of status updates :


<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <description>Order ID Invalid</description>
  <message>Order 12-06126561 has status of PRINTED
   and cannot be modified.</message>