To provide you with more options for dealing with network unreliability, LOMACS-XML contains an alternative two step method for placing orders. The first step is to query our server for a new order ID. The order ID is then used for placing an order. LOMACS-XML will give an appropriate error message if the order ID already exists. This way, you will know the order ID ahead of time and can use it to query the order if there is a network problem between your server and ours.

Step One: Obtaining an Order ID

To obtain a new order ID, query the following URL :

where client_code is the client code assigned to you by your Logistech customer service representative. The query should return an XML document containing a single element, order_id.

For example if your client code was 1234 :

would return the following XML document :
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
Order IDs issued by this server will be valid for 30 minutes following the query.

Step Two: Place the Order

The second step is to place the order using the order ID obtained in step one. The order schema describes how the order ID should be included.

At this point, there are two possible errors (relating to the order ID) that can occur :
  1. Order Already Exists (error code 10)

    This error occurs when the order ID is already associated with an order in our database. This would indicate that a previous attempt to place that order has succeeded. Note that the message returned with this error mentions the current status of the order. If the status is "NEW" that indicates there was a problem placing the previous order. (See the order schema description for a list of statuses)

  2. Order ID Invalid (error code 11)

    This indicates that the order ID given is not recognized as having been issued by the LOMACS-XML server. Note that order IDs expire after 24 hours, so that may be one possible cause.