Billing Address

Billing address is an optional field. If it is omitted, the shipping address will be used.

Totals and Charges

The fields representing prices, totals, and charges (i.e. product_subtotal, shipping_charge, gift_wrap_charge, sales_tax, total in the main order body, and unit_price in the line item) will be used if given, but if they are omitted, LOMACS will calculate them for you (provided your store is set up in the system to have these values calculated - see your CSR for details).

Minimum Requested Ship Date

Logistech's policy on same day shipping is that an order placed before 3PM Eastern Standard Time can be shipped on the same day. Therefore, if an order is placed before 3PM, the minimum requested ship date is the date of the order, otherwise it is the next business day. The system will return an error if a requested ship date less than the minimum is specified.

If the requested ship date is not specified, it will be set automatically by the system based on the service :
  • For overnight services before 3PM, the order date is used
  • For overnight services after 3PM, the next business day is used
  • For all other services, the next business day is used

Placing on Order on Hold

It is possible to place an order and have it go on HOLD using the optional <status> tag. An order placed on Hold will not be processed until the order status have been updated to OPEN. If the tag is absent, the order will be placed as normal. If the tag is given as HOLD, the order will be given that initial status. See status updates for information on how to release an order from HOLD using XML.