It is possible for Logistech to do credit card processing for orders that we receive through our XML interface. At this time, the processing takes place in batches after the order is received.


Every credit card transaction consists of two steps - authorization and settlement. In the authorization step, the funds are reserved in the cardholder's account, and settlement actually transfers the funds.

LOMACS will calculate all of the pricing information based on what is stored in our system upon receipt of the order. Logistech's process will authorize the amount of the order shortly after we receive it. If there are any problems, the order will be placed on hold, and an email notification sent out. The order is settled when it is shipped.


In order for Logistech to do credit card processing, you should first work with your customer service representative to set up the following :
  • Your merchant account information must be entered into LOMACS by your Logistech CSR
  • Payment types must be set up in LOMACS for each card type
  • Your XML store setup in LOMACS must be linked to your merchant account and CC processing turned on
All transactions that contain credit card numbers must be sent via a secure SSL connection, or an error will be returned.


The following fields should be submitted with the order for payment processing :
  • <card_type> - Limited to 16 characters, this must correspond to one of the payment types set up by your Logistech CSR in LOMACS
  • <card_number> - The customer's card number
  • <card_expires> - The card expiration date in MM/YYYY format